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Procedures & Services

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is the part of plastic surgery that emphasizes taking what is "normal" to our body to make more beautiful, harmonious, or youthful. Dr. Lee offers the full range of cosmetic surgery procedures providing expert patient care, knowledge, and surgical skill to his patients. As a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in reconstructive plastic surgery and microsurgery, Dr. Lee uses his surgical precision and skill to perform finesse eyelid, nose, face, and breast surgery. The key to a successful outcome and speedy recovery is to have delicate, precise tissue handling with an eye for the "aesthetic."

Facial Surgery Body Contouring
Asian Cosmetic Surgery
Asian Blepharoplasty (Double Eyelid)
Brow lift
Fat Grafting
Fraxel Laser Treatment

Surgery of the Nose Breast Surgery
Nasal Reconstruction with Rib or Ear Cartilage
Rhinoplasty (www.rhinoplastysf.blogspot.com)
Augmentation—Silicone Gel Implants
Reduction Mammaplasty
Mastopexy "Breast Lift"
Breast Reconstruction with Perforator Flaps – DIEP, SIEA, S-GAP, and TUG

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery (www.cosmeticpssf.blogspot.com)
Asian Cosmetic Surgery (www.asiancosmeticsurgerysf.blogspot.com

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive surgery is the foundation upon which plastic surgeons can re-build and reconstruct the human body from the face, breast, hands, to legs and feet. Great advances have come for plastic surgery in the 20th century with the advent of Complex Flap Surgery and Microsurgical Free Tissue Transfer. Dr. Lee has expertise in Flap Surgery and Microsurgery, where he performs the most complex Free Tissue Transfers such as the DIEP, SIEA, TAP, GAP, and other Perforator Flaps. These operations are the ultimate in reconstructive plastic surgery, requiring many hours and teams of surgeons. Face and hand transplantation are in the same category as this type of surgery. Key words: Nasal Reconstruction, Breast Reconstruction, Autologous Tissue Reconstruction, Hand and Extremity Reconstruction, Limb Salvage, Toe Transplantation.

General Reconstructive Surgery Reconstructive Microsurgery
Complex Trunk and Extremity Reconstruction with Local Flaps,
Free Flaps
Limb Salvage
Complex Wound Reconstruction
Breast surgery — Autologous Breast Reconstruction with Perforator Flaps (DIEP, SIEA, S-GAP, TUG)
Upper and Lower Extremity Reconstructive Surgery with Free Flaps, Perforator Flaps
Toe to Hand Transplantation
Peripheral Nerve Surgery - Microsurgical Nerve Decompression and Nerve Grafting
Microsurgical Treatment of Lymphedema (Lymph node transplant and Lymphovenous Bypass)

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (www.Reconplasticsurgsf.blogspot.com)
Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction (www.microbreastreconsf.blogspot.com

Dr. Lee in the news:

Hand and Leg Surgery  
General Hand Surgery-Fractures, Tendon,
Carpal Tunnel
Hand Rejuvenation—Fat Grafting and Fraxel Laser Treatment
Varicose Vein Treatments
Peripheral Nerve Surgery-
Tarsal Tunnel, Reoperative
Nerve Surgery

Non Surgical Treatments:

Non surgical treatments can be performed with various injectable fillers or Botox. The beauty of these treatments is that they give quick results with minimal "down time." These treatments are best for areas on the body that require minimal to moderate changes. Large changes cannot be addressed with these options and usually require some form of skin removal. These options can be discussed at length with Dr. Lee at the consultation.

Botox — Wrinkle and frown lines; masseter muscle hypertrophy (www.botox.com)
Juvederm — Wrinkle filler, lip augmentation (Lasts 3-8 months) (www.Allergan.com)
Radiesse — Wrinkle filler, nasiolabial folds (Lasts 10-14months) (www.radiesse.com)
Artefill — Wrinkle filler, nasiolabial folds (Lasts 2-5 years) (www.artefill.com)

Laser Treatment for Brown Spots and Age Spots
Laser Treatment for Fine Wrinkles
Laser Treatment for Enlarged Pores

Please go to our Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Link (www.cosmeticpssf.blogspot.com) for up to date pricing on these treatments.

Fraxel 1500 Laser Treatment (www.fraxel.com)

The Fraxel Laser has revolutionized laser resurfacing of the face with its patented “laser columns” that treat a percentage of the face instead of “burning” the entire face. This leaves a percentage of the normal skin to help heal the newly treated skin. It is a highly effective Erbium laser for the treatment of fine wrinkles, age spots, acne, and stretch marks. The laser causes a permanent change to the collagen in the skin by heating. Its greatest asset is the ability to obtain results with minimal “down time” (2 days) where the traditional CO2 laser required 3-4 weeks. Dr. Lee has treated many satisfied patients with the Fraxel Laser, including darker Fitzpatrick (III-V) skin, such as in Asians.

Spider Veins and Facial Blood Vessels (www.sfveinlaser.com)
Radiage Treatment (Skin tightening with Radiofrequency)

Please go to Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Link (www.cosmeticpssf.blogspot.com) for up to date pricing on these treatments.

Skin Care:

L plastic surgery carries the full line of medical grade skin care products from Skinceuticals, a trusted brand and leader in skin care, the choice of many Plastic Surgeons, and only available at medical offices.
Skinceuticals www.skinceuticals.com


Varicose Veins

Painful, swollen legs with bulging veins can be treated by several methods. In the past, Vein Ligation and “Vein Stripping” have been the standard. However, Vein Ligation has a high recurrence rate and Vein Stripping is an extremely painful procedure, often requiring an inpatient hospital stay and bed confinement for days. Nonsurgical, EndoVenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) of Symptomatic Varicose Veins has become the treatment of choice with high success rates (> 95%, similar to RadioFrequency), can be performed as an "in-office" procedure under local anesthesia, and patients walk out of the office immediately afterward. As a Plastic Surgeon with expertise in Microvascular Surgery, Dr. Lee offers the highest level of technical precision to this safe, effective, treatment of Varicose Veins. Most often, these treatments are covered by Insurance.

Treatments for Leg and Facial Spider Veins with Laser and Radiofrequency

For more information, visit our Website: www.sfveinlaser.com